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本文摘要:On Monday, over 5,000 developers packed the San Jose Convention Center to listen to Tim Cook and other Apple execs share the latest innovations out of Cupertino. The company unveiled its most powerful Mac yet, a long-awaited Siri speaker,


On Monday, over 5,000 developers packed the San Jose Convention Center to listen to Tim Cook and other Apple execs share the latest innovations out of Cupertino. The company unveiled its most powerful Mac yet, a long-awaited Siri speaker, and tons of new software upgrades across all of the Apple platforms, from your iPhone to your Apple Watch. Missed the keynote speech? Here’s a recap of the nine biggest announcements from WWDC 2017.星期一,5000多名开发者齐聚圣荷西会议中心,听得蒂姆·库克和苹果公司的其他高管共享库比蒂诺(苹果公司总部)的近期创意成果。苹果公司展出了迄今为止性能最弱的个人电脑,大家盼望已幸的语音助理音箱,以及从手机到手表等苹果所有平台设备的多款新的软件改版。

错失了这次专题演说?这里有苹果公司在2017年全球开发者大会上发布的9项重大成果的简要。Apple HomePod苹果音箱Siri gets a place of its own with the HomePod, Apple’s new smart speaker. The device comes with seven tweeters and runs on an Apple A8 chip. It gives you a direct line to Siri. Ask it to play Beats 1 Radio, deliver the weather forecast, set a timer, or control your HomeKit devices.苹果语音助理(Siri)在苹果新型智能扬声器——苹果音箱中寻找了自己的方位。该设备装有7个高频扬声器,通过苹果A8芯片运营。

苹果音箱使你可以必要连线苹果语音助理,拒绝它播出之声节目(Beats 1 Radio)、播放天气预报、原作计时器或掌控你的智能家居平台设备(HomeKit)。The Most Powerful Mac Ever Made迄今为止性能最弱的苹果电脑The all-new iMac Pro packs monster power into the same sleek design that makes Apple products so covetable. It comes with processors up to 22 teraflops, memory up to 128 gigs, and as much as 4 terabytes of storage. Apple also introduced upgrades to the entire line of MacBooks and iMacs, all of which are now getting a boost with Intel’s super efficient Kaby Lake processors.全新的苹果电脑(iMac Pro)享有某种程度时尚的设计,并写入了强劲的功能,使这款产品令人觊觎。它配备了每秒可展开22万亿次浮点运算的处理器,内存约128GB,硬盘容量约4TB。

苹果公司还为MacBook和iMac系列的所有产品展开了升级,如今这两个系列的所有电脑都配备了英特尔超强高效处理器(Kaby Lake)使性能获得了提高。High Sierra macOS“High Sierra”操作系统The latest macOS, dubbed High Sierra, brings updates to everything on your computer: Safari now runs 80 percent faster, and comes with built-in autoplay blocking and intelligent tracking prevention to hide cross-site scripting data. New features in Mail spotlight your most important messages and use less storage space on your phone, and improved machine learning capabilities in Photos to automatically sort your library by event or detect who’s in your pictures.被称作“High Sierra”的最新款苹果电脑操作系统(macOS)改版了你电脑上的所有配备:如今浏览器(Safari)的运营速度提高了80%,还加装了内置的自动运营截击工具和智能跟踪防治工具来隐蔽横跨站点的脚本数据。电子邮件服务的新功能是引人注目表明你的最重要信息,并闲置较少的手机存储空间。

新的macOS还提升了照片工具的机器学习能力,使其可以自动根据事件来分类照片,并检测你的照片下有谁。Amazon Comes to Apple TV亚马逊重新加入苹果TV(苹果高清电视机顶盒产品)Apple TV already has 50 partners integrated into the app to let you stream whatever entertainment you want—whether it’s Master of None on Netflix, the Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu, or Silicon Valley on HBO Go. Now, that list also includes Amazon, which will build its Prime Video library into Apple TVs later this year.苹果TV早已把50个合作伙伴的产品统合到其应用软件上,使你可以播出你想要观赏的任何娱乐节目,不论是奈飞公司(Netflix)的《无为大师》、Hulu网站(一家美国视频网站)的《侍女的故事》,还是HBO电视网的《硅谷》。如今,合作伙伴的名单又减少了亚马逊。

今年晚些时候,亚马逊不会把它的视频库统合到苹果TV上。Apple Watch Brings AI to Your Wrist苹果手表——把人工智能戴着上手腕A new watchface powered by Siri automatically displays the information that’s most relevant to you, based on the apps you use most. Siri will automatically pull up the next item on your calendar, your reminders. WatchOS 4 also brings new fitness features, like motivational messages to help you hit your exercise goals and integrations with gym equipment to better track your workouts. You can even sync playlists to your Apple Watch and listen to them through your AirPods while exercising without your phone nearby.由苹果语音助理(Siri)驱动的新仪表盘可以根据你用于的最少的应用软件来自动表明与你最涉及的信息。


Siri不会自动表明你的日程和备忘录上的下一个事项。苹果手表的近期操作系统(WatchOS 4)还有新的健美功能,例如,发送到协助你构建运动目标的激励性信息,统合健美设备上的数据来更佳地跟踪你的健美情况。

你甚至可以把自己的音乐播放列表实时到苹果手表上。在你做到运动的时候,即使手机不出身边,你也可以通过无线耳机(AirPods)来听音乐。iOS 11iOS 11操作系统Apple stuffed all kinds of new capabilities into its latest update for iOS: Look forward to new features on Maps, like a “do not disturb while driving” integration. Messages comes integrated with more apps, including Apple Pay, which lets you pay your friends directly through a text. There’s also a totally redesigned App Store, and a refresh on the control center, which packs all of your notifications into a single page. All iOS devices will get the boost later this year.苹果公司为iOS最新版的操作系统读取了各种新功能:你可以期望一下地图的新功能,比如它写入了“驾驶员勿扰”模式。



AR on Your iPhone苹果手机上的增强现实技术(AR)Using computer vision, your iPhone can now detect surfaces and add AR objects on top of them—like putting an AR coffee cup on top of an IRL table. Now hundreds of millions of iPhones and iPads will have AR capabilities, making Apple the largest AR platform in the world.你的苹果手机如今可以用于计算机视觉技术来观测物体表面,并把AR物体置放其上方,例如把一个AR咖啡杯放到一张确实的桌子上。现在数亿台苹果手机和平板电脑将享有AR功能,使苹果公司沦为世界上仅次于的AR平台。

Siri Intelligence智能语音助理Siri has a new, more humanlike voice with way more functionality. Ask the virtual assistant to translate for you (“Hey Siri, how do I say ‘Where’s the bathroom’ in Chinese?”) in five new languages. There are new capabilities like task management, banking, and bringing up VR codes. Apple’s also ramped up Siri’s intelligence: Now, the assistant can learn how you use your device to better anticipate your needs. If Siri notices you’ve been spending a lot of time searching for “hotels in Iceland,” it might bring up some Iceland-related articles in Apple News.苹果语音助理(Siri)享有了更加像人类的全新嗓音,而且还读取了更加多功能。你可以让这位虚拟世界助理老大你翻译成五种新的语言(例如,“嘿,Siri,‘浴室在哪儿’这句话用汉语怎么说?”)。Siri还有任务管理、银行业务以及获取VR(虚拟现实)代码等新功能。苹果公司还提高了Siri的智能:现在,这位助理可以通过理解你用于设备的方式来更佳地预计你的市场需求。

如果Siri注意到你花上了许多时间搜寻“冰岛的酒店”,它有可能就不会在苹果新闻中心为你获取一些与冰岛有关的文章。iPad Pro 10.5-inch10.5英寸的苹果平板电脑(iPad Pro)An all new iPad Pro takes the all-screen computer concept to the next level with a model that’s truly all screen. The new 10.5-inch iPad is almost exactly the same size as the 9.7″model, but without bezels. There’s enough room on that screen to fit a full-size on-screen keyboard, and Apple says it’s the fastest model yet, with a six-core A10X Fusion. It also brings HDR video to an iPad for the first time.苹果的新款iPad Pro系列平板电脑用确实的全面屏机型把全面屏电脑概念推上了一个新的高度。

新款的10.5英寸的平板电脑与9.7英寸的机型的尺寸完全一样,但新款的平板电脑没金字玻璃凹槽。新款的显示屏上有充足的空间来容纳原尺寸的屏幕键盘,而且苹果公司回应新款的平板电脑读取了六核的A10X Fusion芯片,是迄今为止运营最慢的机型。




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